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Path Light - Week of May 1, 2017

May 2, 2017

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Solfluent...What's In a Name?

April 8, 2017

A title...a moniker...an adjective?


Well, why not?  Names describe things, right?


Sure...but how to summarize everything we do all the way down into the nutshell of just one word?

And Solfluent Studio was created.  Yup, you guessed it.  We made it up!  

We tend to do things like that...innovate...combine...create a pleasing harmonic blend.  


So, here's the recipe (because cooking is my jam!)...




First, you hunt up some Sol...


Sol can be found hanging around the staff as the fifth note of the         Solfeggio Scale (as in do-re-me-fa-SOL)











Sol also naturally resides at the fifth chakra or energy center of the body occurring at the throat level...all blue and resonant...all the singing and speech flows through this spinning portal.

It's all about creating and communicating.




The zest of tarot in a

providentially selected Sol...

The Sun adds it's own flavor of fun, warming Light,  positive vibes and vital energy to the mix.


And most importantly,

the individual Sol...

We are the sole owners of our very own soul.  A pinch or dash of unique Sol flavor is the magic, secret ingredient. 





Now that we have Sol mixed and mastered, we must develop fluency for our recipe to turn out the way we dream it will.  

Water is fluent as it is capable of flowing with ease and grace.  The voice, and even the experience of Life itself captures and mirrors this flow.

When we have a clear direction, our relationship with our craft thrives and we are able to use our growing abilities with ease and accuracy...and beyond to mastery.





One day it just all culminates and comes together, and our recipe is complete.





Solfluent-  one whose soul flows easily on musical wings resonating with creative voice in the way it was designed to function producing warmth and fun, infectious energy and a positive experience of Life, Love and Learning.


If the pursuit of Solfluency interests you, contact us today to begin your journey....


Solfluent Studio








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