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Path Light - Week of May 1, 2017

May 2, 2017

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Path Light - Week of May 1, 2017

May 2, 2017

Our Card of the Week is Embracing the Future from Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn.


We called the mountains home for awhile.  During that time, we made a habit of curving our way up and down every winding road we could find.  We dined from picnic lunches, road-side vegetable stands and Mom-n-Pop diners on those free wheeling days.  We cut through fog so thick it felt like a blanket and reveled in bright blue, cloud-free skies which brought everything around us into extra sharp focus.  


The grandeur of the Blue Ridge Mountains is in their magnitude.  They go on and on as far as eyes can see in every direction rolling one upon the other in succession.  Yet when dwarfed by never-ending vistas, it is just as easy to find a cozy nook to enjoy...which comes in handy on long rainy days and through dark wintery nights.
We learned a more open hearted approach to Life during our time in the mountains. Days and seasons move a bit slower up there...and so did we.

The image in our card this week took me right back to those mountain days and my desire to open the door to the enjoy-every-moment way of looking at things again.  Life can so easily become about the well intentioned goals, necessary plans and down-the-road outcomes.  Many of us have big dreams we are finding or chasing, and that is a VERY good thing!  Dreams are the fuel for the journey and deserve a place in our every day...not just our far, far away.  

So, how exactly do we temper the pace?   How will we recognize our dreams coming true when what is now our future becomes our today?


By embracing the future, which begins with seeing it in a positive light.  Our hopes and dreams are more likely to be achieved when we are looking forward with hopeful expectation than when we are assuming the worst.  

And by walking in gratitude.  When we approach our journey with a heart full of appreciation for those we love and all we enjoy, we embrace all the dreams which have already come true and breathe life into the ones yet to come.  

This week ask yourself:

In what ways am I embracing a positive future for myself?

What worries about my future am I ready to release?

What do I have in my life that I am grateful for today? 

What dreams have already come to live in my life today?

At Solfluent Studio, we specialize in helping people uncover and develop their heart's song.  Voices and Lives nurtured and tended with expertise develop beautifully.


We are here to help!  We meet students worldwide via Skype for Voice Lessons and Path Work.


Reach out today for the assistance you need to bring
​enlightenment and encouragement to your journey.

Solfluent Studio


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