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Path Light - Week of May 1, 2017

May 2, 2017

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Amie's Path Light Oracle Reading ~ Week of November 13, 2017

November 13, 2017


Our card is Number 11 ~ Harmony from Oracle of Visions by Ciro Marchetti.


We are given the image of a jester with sheet music, instrument and rainbow in hand. The two halves of the yin and yang crowning her come together to suggest balance, harmony and a sense of interconnectedness. She strums her desires to the tune of Greensleeves, her gaze intently reaching out.


Our message from the Universe this week centers around inner balance, harmonious relationships and the collective power of community joined together in a common cause.


You may come into this week feeling a bit bottled up or out of tune. Are you just not feeling quite like yourself lately? If so, look back and consider when was the last time you expressed your emotions through a creative outlet? What cherished hobby, project or dream has received less of your attention than you would like in recent days? Let the child inside you out to recess! Even a short amount of time here or there will brighten your day and have you feeling more in tune.


If your relationship with another has hit a sour note and is causing disharmony, this week may be your opportunity to come to a place of resolution. The most pleasing musical harmonies occur when completely different notes are sounded simultaneously and with just the right amount of space in between them. First, check in to make sure you are in tune with yourself and adjust where need be. Then, step back a bit from the other person. Try seeing them through appreciative and understanding eyes. These adjustments will either change your perspective enough to realize the mountain is really more of a mole hill, or you will find a whole new approach you haven't seen before. The goal is not to be right, it is to be in harmony. That may even require a bit of fair compromise so everybody gets what they need.


As a director, my favorite casts, bands and choirs are ones in which each individual voice is valued and given the opportunity of full expression within the whole. When we join with others in agreement, time and structure bringing our gifts, talents and passions along, beautiful music is made and the vibration of each individual in the group is raised in the process.

If you find yourself searching for belonging or purpose, look around your community. Need is everywhere. What can you do to be part of meeting it? You are uniquely qualified to connect and contribute in a special way. No one else can do you as well as you can. When you show up and lend your individual gifts to the mix, you will find purpose and belonging...and you might just help someone else find it too.

May we tune in to personal balance.

May we resolve conflicts with others.

And may we together find belonging and purpose in community.

Personal Tarot and Oracle Card, Numerology and Mediumship readings with Amie are available via email, phone, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts. Visit Solfluent for more information.


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