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May 13, 2018


Our card this week is #45 Vortex ~ Things are Changing from The Ancient Oracle Deck by Barbara Kahn.

There is quite a bit of swirling energy in this image, and it all revolves around a defined center.

This week brings us a New Moon in Taurus and the unmistakable message that things are indeed changing! 

Whether you are excited, exhilarated, overwhelmed, or barely keeping your head above water, the directive is to connect with your center. 

I am reminded of the whirling dervish I became (and sometimes still do!) every time I put on a long, full skirt as a young girl. It would just beg me to circle and spin to see how fast the skirt would fly and how high it could billow. If I focused on the center of the spinning, I could twirl around and around with ease. But when my attention wavered, I would begin to feel dizzy and stumble. 

The ride this week will be much more fun if you take the time to center yourself...and keep an eye on staying that way! Take the extra time and attention each day to take care of yourself. Meditation, yoga, exercise, or taking breaks when you need them will refresh your body, mind, and spirit. Eat well, sleep enough, and stay hydrated. When lots of things are happening all at once, it is easy to overlook these basic essentials.

Whether your current vortex finds you achieving victory, making your way through a storm, or somewhere in between, enjoy the transit knowing that you are safe, you are loved, and everything is going to be okay. 

Barbara offers a beautiful affirmation for Vortex ~ Things are Changing in her book, The Ancient Oracle Deck Handbook.

"I flow with the changes that swirl around me.
I am a shape-shifter.
Change is good."

And so it is.

Brightest Blessings for a Beautiful Week!!


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