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"Working with Amie has helped be become a better person while developing into a stronger more versatile singer. Amie listened to my goals and shaped a teaching plan that exceeded my expectations.  She encouraged me to connect with the music and gave me new confidence. Because of studying with Amie, I am able to be a leader in my church music program working with both adults and children. I enjoy singing for church, special events and open mic nights. I have had several opportunities to sing with local professional musicians. Amie changed my life!

Working with Ryan helped me believe I could sing any song I wanted to learn. Ryan encouraged me to sing for open mic nights and community events. He taught me how to work with an accompanist. I had the experience of combining songs to create a new arrangement. Ryan gave me a taste of the joys of recording a song. Ryan made a difference in my life!"

Tonya Hittner

"Working with Amie and Ryan was the best experience of my life. They helped me evolve into a strong, confident artist. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be the person I am today and I'm extremely thankful for that."

Kayla Cloud

"My time spent working with Ryan and Amie was one of the most influential points in my life. Not only did they provide me with helpful advice as a vocalist, but they presented it in a way that made me comfortable with not being perfect. Ryan and Amie come from a place of love and make every second of taking private voice lessons enjoyable."

Chloe Cornellius

"Working with Amie and Ryan is a blast! They are a creative powerhouse, and they both have an innate ability to draw the best out of students. They make hard work enjoyable and help students and colleagues reach their true potential."

Barbara Cooper
Owner of Babsong Studio

"Taking vocal lessons from Amie and Ryan was one of the best things I ever did for myself. It helped both me and my daughter Alexis, reach new heights vocally as well as spiritually."

Jayne Lewis

L. Ruby Randall

Working with Ryan on my journey helped me to embrace and cultivate the vulnerable parts of my voice and that not everything has to be using my full strength of voice. Coming from a more rock background that was hard for me at first but it's something I'm so thankful for as I've grown as a singer. Amie helped me to strengthen my core breathing techniques, to breath more purposefully and planned. Learning those techniques changed my whole vocal instrument. Together the two of them helped me to become even more confident and capable using my voice.

Brittany Sodeman

I was about sixteen years old when I first started vocal lessons with Amie. At this moment in my life I was trying to find what I was truly passionate about. So, I decided I was going to take vocal lessons. Through out my schooling I was always involved in choir. So I thought why not, can't hurt to try it out. I started my first lesson and I was already in heaven. Amie taught me how music can truly feel. When I was in her studio I felt like I was in my own world, where the only thing that mattered was my music and my faith. Amie not only opened my heart to music, but to how truly amazing the man upstairs truly is, Amie has guided me in my journey by showing me how truly blessed I am. I cannot thank Amie enough for all she has done in my journey. Anyone who takes lessons with Amie will truly be blessed in many ways.
Working with Amie helped me on my journey by giving me encouragement & hope in something greater than myself.

Working with Ryan on my journey helped me to see my potential as a vocalist as well as a person!

Faith Osburn

Daniel Wilcher

"Thank you for the one year of vocal study. 
I have improved a lot as everyone has said and continue to get better thanks to you all."